Celebrating Women Empowerment

This month at Kelly Hyman’s Blog, I’d like to talk about women empowerment. Women empowerment is something I’ve always been passionate about. Both in my earlier career as an actor and my current career as an attorney and political strategist. I was raised by a single mom who also had her own business. She was a tennis instructor and tennis shop owner.

I’ve been exposed to empowered women for my entire life. But, what is it that really makes women feel empowered?

Women Empowerment

I’d say it’s anything that promotes a woman’s sense of self-worth. In addition to that, it is her ability to make her own choices in life. Moreover, it is her power to influence social change for both herself and others. When any woman accomplishes something big, it shows all women what we can accomplish.


Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs have always been important. They will be even more important in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy has suffered the damage of repeated lockdowns. One way to revitalize business all over the world is to give women the tools they need to start businesses of their own. This includes financing, solid business advice, and assistance from organizations established to help women entrepreneurs.

Women who find themselves out of work because of the pandemic can also take advantage of the opportunity to start their own businesses. It is the perfect time to fulfill dreams they may have put off in the past. By empowering ourselves, we have the opportunity to help the whole world recover from this pandemic!



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