The United States has passed the 1 million mark for COVID-19 infections and is quickly approaching 60,000 deaths. Looking solely at these two statistics paints a very serious picture. Now, mix in the appropriately 30 million Americans who’ve applied for unemployment and the current state of our economy, the severity of COVID-19’s short term effects are on display any way you look at them. If things are truly this clear, why does Trump still not have a grasp on the critical nature of our situation?

Trump uses his daily press conferences to pass blame, manage his reputation, and pat himself on the back instead of taking the pandemic seriously.

Recently Trump told the press he sees the “light at the end of the tunnel.” How is that possible when infection and death rates continue to skyrocket? His efforts seem purely focused on reopening the country and saving the economy. Normally, this would be a great thing to focus on if done safely. However, it’s clear that Trump only cares about how the economy is doing because it’s been a talking point for his “success” during his first term.

Another telling sign of Trump’s lack of understanding was made clear during his most recent press update. Trump made public comments about injecting disinfectant and UV light to kill the disease within the body. Naturally, this statement was widely ridiculed by the press and for good reason. A global pandemic is not the time to offer dangerous off-the-cuff remarks. Moments like these highlight how unprepared Trump truly is in the face of a crisis.

Our nation deserves a president who takes their job seriously and works tirelessly to steer the nation to safety in a time of great uncertainty. Trump has made it clear time and time again that he either does not grasp the reality of the situation or worse, doesn’t care.